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HEY, this is turkey in gravy–that’s about as close as I’m going to get this year!

Well, mama just wanted to mention a friend who wrote recently (Cat Solarium lady, Melissa) that a few years ago when she used to take food and clothing and other necessities to poor families at Christman in her neighbourhood in Alabama, it pretty well tore her heart out to see the poverty that some lived in, and this kind lady had ten people on her list to help but found at the end that there were actually eleven in all.  And so she took her Christmas dinner to the eleventh family and had no dinner for her and her boyfriend, but he had given her five bottles of Champagne for Christmas, so she simply drank one and celebrated anyway,  A kind friend of theirs brought over all their leftovers and everyone was happy.

Wasn’t that a nice story? This lady also had a thrift store where women without work could have a job and she helped a lot of women get back on their feet.

So, what with it being Turkey Day and all, we have to give thanks to anthros who help others, and all of you out there who have shelters and take care of many abandoned animals, a big thanks to all of YOU.

I have to say that around here, every day is full of thanks for so many lovely things, including the wonderful blogging friends we now know.

No one here in Italy celebrates, so mama and papa are having a tiny chicken-for-two, which mama will stuff with cornbread dressing and for dessert, mama’s making tiny pecan pies (for papa).  As for me, I give thanks for my sweet life (except for travel to the vet and two countries!) and to my new and old blogging friends.  As for the ‘giving’ part of the word, let’s hear it for a bit of KIBBLE GIVING on this special day!

Happy Turkey Day to all.


They should have let me hunt that bird. Then maybe we would have had one for dinner!!!


HEY, that little grandanthro got some!!! Why not share? (Mama’s favourite picture of Thanksgiving, taken a few years ago.)


Happy Turkey Day to all!