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I have get off this rock to write my blog right now because I ran into some glitches!

Well, tonight mama and I went to look at comments and there was this LONG tretise about how some anthro had a straying husband and wanted him back and then she went into all sorts of details (in bad English but pretty interesting) and ended up leaving about 7 comments with the same info in answer to various bloggers who leave comments and mama spammed all of them tout de suite!  As in FAST.

BUT, the story was about hiring a spell caster who can get your honey back if he or she has taken off, and so this lady anthro hired a spell caster and he said she would get her hubby back in 6 days and she DID. So the email of the spell caster was on my blog in the comments, and his whatsapp address and more.  THAT’S why I spammed it right away.  But fun story, no?  Glad her love life worked out.  Hey, call me, I’ll cast a spell and we’ll get some results, you can bet your boopy.

I have no idea how that lady anthro got past the spam catcher, which works really well, but I certainly was interested for about a minute in the shaman she used to break the spell.

I think I didn’t read it well.  I was so miffed at finding that much spam that I sort of went for the spam button pretty fast.  Probably was a good story.  But she really could have worked on her grammar because it wasn’t clear if her husband was a she or a he.


On second thought, I’m happy RIGHT here.  My blog will just have to wait a minute…