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WHOA…I smell pizza cooking!!! I’m outta here…

Hey, mama took the advice of a commenter to think about giving me some pizza because she said that kitties love pizza!

I’ve never gotten any on Sunday night, only the tomato sauce! Well, actually, not even that because it has a small bit of onion in it and evidently we don’t eat onions, whatever they are.

And not much of PLAIN sauce either!

BUT, I have to admit, I do have an anchois (anchovy) every now and then, washed off a bit because those little suckers are really too salty for me.

So mama made one with anchois and one without and we’ll have a taste test SOON, I hope.


Like, NOW, MAMA!!!

Hey, did Pizza Man deliver this?

Uh, oh, mama’s about to throw my mouse at me…