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Uh, oh, I have to get to my computer—I wanted to get this one in asap!
Well, recently, a very nice man, Wang Beezer (Wang last name, Beezer first name but in China it is reversed), sent Loulou information about a very snazzy kitty litter box (designed by a friend of his)  that mama felt was beautiful and efficient enough to put on my blog and so I’m doing that because I was smitten, too, but don’t, unfortunately (or fortunately!), need one!  I do wish to pass this on, even if it is a bit pricey, but the pluses outweigh the cost, I think. I’m sure Mr. Wang would like your feedback.
Inspired by the Eskimo snow house, I try to solve some problems in the process of raising cat in an elegant way which offers a much more pleasant living experience for both cats and cat lovers.
The Snow House is well adapted to cats of all ages and sizes: with an opening of 20 by 20 centimeters only Garfield might have some difficulties to enter – 95% of cats should have no problem. 
From the start of entrance, there is a grill to prevent spilling of sand in home. As the cat walks over it, sand and litter particles cling onto paws of the kittens fall down and this way helps in keeping the home clean. The Igloo cat litter box is made of PP resin materials from Taiwan and INOPURE inorganic materials from Japan. Together with the INOPURE antibacterial technology this makes the house light and environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic and tasteless, so that your cat enjoys the same level of security used for baby products.
I hope this works out for someone.  I’d like it just as a little house to have within our house, but…
Mama, don’t you want me to have proper living quarters?  Loulou, you already have them!!!