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I think I goofed…

Well, I am so sorry that I got into it with a reader who left a comment in my comments box, and I will seriously attempt NOT to do that on this blog. There are so many lovely things that I like writing about, and as one comment suggested I do, I’ll attempt to write about things that make you laugh rather than agitated!

Now, that said, here are some things that make me very, very happy when I wake up:

Mama’s warm knees.

Stretching and patting papa’s face ever so gently.


Walking through mama’s hair to make sure she knows I’m up and hungry. She is not big on this, but there is something about having a kitty walk through your hair that I’m SURE gives mama a little sweet thrill, even if I do try to eat the cock feathers she has put there.  Yes, cock feathers.

More on that later.

I also LOVE going out in my garden and checking out the wild kitty next door who, I am sure, only wishes to pop over for some nip from the biggest nip bed in town.  Hey, it’s like a little café here in the yard.  All I need is to set up some little tables and chairs and I’d have a BUSINESS. $$$$


I also love ca-ca-caing at the tourterelles, who are so incredibly dumb that they eat their morning crackers RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME without a care.  So how did they get the thought in their bird brains that I am a pushover, a WUSS?  Mama must have been chatting with them.  I can’t imagine how they would come to that conclusion whilst observing my terrifying teeth chattering AT them while they eat.  But, of course, I never attack…I’m such a wuss.

So that’s it for a few things that tickle me.  What tickles you? OH, I forgot, Mya’s mama sends my mama funny things to look at on her emails in the morning, and THAT tickles mama a lot.  Don’t know where she finds them but they are primo!  I hope they do not offend anyone, especially lawyers, mama says…

And this, from Babtize A Cat, a very interesting site that has all sorts of cat things going on plus a great store!

But what I am really tickled by is love and affection.