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I have company AGAIN??? Oh, boy…









Well, that doggy came back tonight and ate our watermelon and mozzarella!!! Have you ever…?

The funny thing is that mama gave Mya a teeth bone to chew on and we all were horrified that the end was covered in what looked like blood, and it turned out to be TOMATO JUICE from Mya hoovering up all the fallen cherry tomatoes in mama’s garden.

Hey, better than losing your teeth, right?

It’s nice having visitors but I sort of disappear since I really do not have any contact with other animals except Sara, the yapping JR terrier next door who barks at me once or twice and then ignores me completely.  But JRs are like that–center of attention or bust!

It’s not easy being a single kitty.  I get a bit lonely, I think.

I think I would have done better with a friend…sigh.  NO, NO, not this doggy, okay?  He looks like the kissy-poo type!









But so many of you have multiple kitties and doggies at your houses, and mama and papa say they just can’t travel with a menagerie, whatever that is.

Well, I may not be that easy to get along with either, after a life as an only child.

Maybe when they stop running all over the place they will bring home a little friend for me.

Just not that ferret, okay?  AND NOT ONE OF THESE!!!  I do not even speak Russian!