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Papa’s trying to calm me down about this article but that’s not an easy task.

Okay, a not-so-sweet link #2 for today and then the sweet one tomorrow.  Remember, I said there would be three.

I am putting in this second link because many of us have had no idea how opioids (pain killers that act on the nervous system) have spread across our USA over the last decades and are now at an epidemic level.  Young people are stressed about how our world is under siege in so many places, stressed about school, stressed about fitting in, stressed about their futures, and where do they turn: opioids, which kill the pain.  For awhile.  Workers in rural towns have jobs that create stress and pain and what do they take: pain killers.  And unfortunately, babies are affected by parents who are taking these terrible drugs.

You don’t have to read this article, but mama wants it in so and it’s in.  There will not be many others like this, as, frankly, I like to write about positive things and situations that make us laugh, at our disturbing world and at ourselves especially!  But this one I could not overlook when mamma read me the facts, and these ARE facts.

You can confirm them with any hospital where you live, any doctor.  Look on the graphs at the areas of the US where these drugs are concentrated.  Appalling and dangerous.

So, until tomorrow’s joyful video, bear with me about this increasing problem.  It should not be swept under the carpet and ignored and the more information we have, the better we might be able to confront and confound this growing addiction in so many.


I’m kind of depressed about all this, so I’ve changed my mind about the joyful video. Here it is.