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To be sung to Fats Dominoe: Yes, it’s me and THEY’RE back home again…ain’t had no tummy rub since don’t know when…lalala.

But I digress.

I know, I know you are asking, “What is carasau?” And actually I didn’t know myself until THEY arrived, mama with a new great lightweight bag into which she could put everything but the kitchen sink (why would any sane anthro want to lug that around?) and out of which came a package of carasau--very thin Sardinian crackers to which mama is addicted!  BUT…great bag or not, you cannot believe the state in which those delicate crackers arrived. More like skinny croutons, haha.  But mama says that one whole sheet has 30 calories so who cares how you use them?

Personally, I’m for dipping in nipamole or hummus, which no doubt mama will do soon. I mean dip them into it, not herself.

That is, if I even let her alone for two minutes while I remind her that I am QUEEN here and that it was I who was abandoned (even if for a short while and good cause).


Who ARE you guys, anyway?  You look familiar but I don’t roll over for just any old anthro…

(Haha that’s got ’em…just fooling.  I think that’s a tuna can in mama’s hand.)