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Well, peace and quiet at last.  THEY have taken the night off to go meet a friend in Barcelona who is having an eye exam at the really good clinic there, and there is some hope that the doctor there might be able to help.  But they won’t know until tomorrow…

MEANWHILE, back at the ranch, I await my Kitty Whisperer and probably more snuggles than I can possibly manage, not to mention a couple of head butts and some little treat she thinks up to give me.

We have such fun at these sleepovers.

Hey, being abandoned isn’t all that bad–that is, if it’s only for 24 hours.  And I’ll be packing up in October to head for my little Italian grand-siblings or whatever they are, you know, the ones who try to tempt me to play even when I have made it clear by ducking under the bed that I am out of commission!!!

Still…they are awfully cute.

Now, for a nice warm bath, thanks to my impeccable tongue-twisting, and then maybe a taste of that fish stew a l’armouricaine mama left for The Whisperer.  Oh, I forgot, it has booz in it.  Okay, okay, maybe a little mouse pate with a side of sauteed lizard…

Life is good.








Hey, Sue, could you grate a little of this white truffle over the top–it’s the season, you know.  Well, WE don’t have any but hope springs eternal, and hey, we’ll soon be in the Eternal City!!!

But for now, WHERE’S MY DINNER?