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Oh, boy, mama’s done it now.  She sent out invitations to her vernissage to an email group, mostly friends in the USA, but there were some French friends in there too, and she mistakenly sent out the wording that she used to send an invitation to the MAYOR OF PORT-VENDRES, where the vernissage will take place!  So everyone received a very formal and pleasant email saying something to the effect that she and her partner, Anne, with whom she is exhibiting, are so pleased that the mayor aided in having this exhibit and made it possible to show their works, etc., etc., etc!  So everyone who got the invite probably thought she was out of her mind for thanking THEM for the privilege of showing her stuff!  Oh, boy…

So then she sent out another one in ENGLISH to say that she had goofed but that she hoped everyone would be there who could, at least in spirit.  The funny thing is that everyone who has responded has said, Oh, what a nice invitation, and didn’t even seem bothered that they were being thanked for being an enabler!!!

But when you think about it, friends DO enable friends to do their best and are inspiration for work and creativity and so in many ways, mama’s friends DID “help” her have this expo with Anne, who helped more than anyone (along with Jean-Luc, who wrote the sentences that were heard round the world, haha).  Without Anne, there would be no expo!

I think mama had stayed up too late trying to get her copy of the artwork the right size for the invite and things started looking a big wobbly around midnight while she was burning oil, whatever that means.

That happens to me, too.  I think and think and work on my inner creativity so long that the hours pass by and I’m in a daze and I almost forget that it’s DINNER TIME!

Which it IS, RIGHT NOW!