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How’s this for an odalisque pose?

Well, mama has just read that portrait painting is quote “coming back” unquote!  Did it ever leave?  She is thinking about putting only portraits in her expo, and since her only dependable model is mama, haha, she would put in all her own portraits and call the show NARCISSUS, or maybe ME, MYSELF, and I. Argg……

Not sure that’s going to fly, mama.  You may lose a few friends but I guess you could disguise a few portraits and make them look like someone else.  Or just do ME in different still poses and call it CATATONIC, haha.

But seriously, folks, mama is still vacillating, whatever that is, between  all kitties (one doggy) and miscellaneous whatevers, so the saga continures.

Meanwhile, I had a BALL with Lynne and am hoping mama and papa will be late today so that I can paint more rooms to surprise them!

Just kidding.  Lynne moved my paint cans and I really can’t imagine why she would DO such a thing!  You just never know who your real friends are, do you?







Or this?  Mama could call this, Drama Queen.