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Elections wear me out.  Didn’t we just have one in the US and look what happened THERE!!!  How time flies.

Well, today is election day here in France and we shall see what we shall see.  An article this morning that mama read to me was about Mr. Macron and we are hoping he is successful.  Yes, he is young, but he is incredibly smart and able and I think the country needs a young and lively leader.  Hey, I’m young and lively!

I would have run but I’m not really qualified because I’m not sure anthros would understand my speech patterns, haha.

(Uh, oh, those turtledoves are out there in the garden again begging for food.  They are worse than doggies!!! And mama just loves them and gives them really healthy 7-grain crackers.  Jeez.  Have to feed the birdies, back in a minute.)

Okay, I’m back.  Alot going on around here, because on Friday, mama is hanging up her paintings at some big old place called Le Dome in the little town near us (Mya’s mama was the instigator of this shindig and her paintings are WONDERFUL) and I’m not quite sure just exactly what goes on after that other than anthros come in and out and stare at things.  I think it’s call an Art Exposition.  But I DO know that there was a whole lot of cookin’ goin’ on around here for the last few weeks.  That’s because on the first day of the expo, or rather the first night, there are tables of food and wine and everyone comes to see the pictures (and eat, drink and be merry, whatever that is) and sort of set off the whole shebang. I’ll try to get some photos of the event if they will let me hang around there with my camera and be a kitty on the wall. HAHA, get it–ON THE WALL!  Maybe they’ll hang me up there too and I can watch everything from a better vantage point, whatever that is!

Here is one of Mya’s mama’s paintings and the next one is one of mama’s. That’s my friend, Mya, in the lady’s lap!  So cool. The painting originally had an ermine on the lap. Mya is so much better….


And mama’s:


Maybe someone will try to take a video and we can put it on YouTube.  Maybe it will be ME who takes it!


I hope Mya’s mama put THIS in the show.  Looks a lot like ME, right?  You bet your paws.