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(I’d better clean this up before maman sees it…)

Well, I am drooling into the computer, which is not exactly good for it, mama says, but this tortilla of Jean-Luc (Mya’s papa) is making us all crazy.  Especially since we are NOT in Nice where the chef lives and cannot partake of his delectable specialty.

Mama says it’s GREAT when the man in the family makes dinner sometimes, and this is definitely a go around here.


1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

4-5 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into small cubes (or parboil them first in salted water for a faster tortilla)

2 sweet onions, chopped fine

2 garlic cloves chopped fine

5 four-inch long thin Chorizos or a generous half pound, crumbled or diced (sometimes a chorizo is just a big sausage, so about half of it should work)

4-5 eggs, beaten with salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oil and in a heavy skillet, sauté the onions and garlic and potatos until browned well.  Add the chorizo and cook until all are a bit crunchy.  Pour the eggs over all, tilting the pan to cover well.  Lower the heat, cover for 3 minutes, then take off the lid an continue cooking until the tortilla seems firm, about 5-10 minutes.  Shake the skillet to make sure the tortilla is loosened, then put a serving plate over the skillet and invert the tortilla onto the plate.  Watch out that you don’t burn yourself, mama says. Or, sometimes the tortilla just slides out of the skillet onto a plate, but it’s prettier turned upside down.

You can also sprinkle paprika on the top of the tortilla and brown it under a broiler for a minute or two.  So many things to do with a tortilla.

THANK YOU, Chef Jean-Luc, for sharing Mya’s favourite luncheon dish with us, haha.  I’ll bet she hovers (make that hoovers) around the table when this is served!  Is that beautiful or what?  MAMA—tortilla time!

If you do NOT see this fantastic tortilla on your computer, please let me know.  Mya’s mama says she is getting only a little box with a black line through it, but mama and I SAW it online and the photo was there.  Do not understand.  It is a jpeg photo, which I use all the time.



And this is just for fun!!! Wouldn’t you love to be on his back?