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Well, I am screaming about the fact that mama and papa were headed down to Barcelona to pick up their friends who had come a gazillion miles to visit with them and there they were, mama and papa that is, toodling down the autoroute when suddenly everything slowed to 30mph and they thought, Oh, there must be an accident up ahead or something and oh, no, it was no accident but a carefully planned strike of the truckers who were holding back the traffic between the border and Barcelona to protest the Madrid decision that it was illegal for the Catalonians to have a referendum about leaving Spain and having their own Catalonia.

Now, I do not wish to get into this–as papa says, strong-arming anyone never works out–and I do not wish to tell you MY views on all of this, but I was very sorry for mama and papa (who quickly jumped onto an off-ramp in hopes of turning around but ended up sitting there 1.5 hours behind stationary trucks and cars doing the same thing!) and sorry for their friends who had to find train tickets to get to where we live because they couldn’t be picked up (!) and sorry for the long way home that mama and papa ended up taking, arriving JUST in time to meet their friends’ train and drive them to our little abode.


FIE ON PROTEST STRIKES!!! And what do they get you anyway?

What a day!!! What a year!  Brexit, referendums, dissention everywhere, hurricanes, storms, terrible shootings and no gun control, a ruthless leader in North Korea, a who-knows-what-kind-of-anthro-in-office in the US, weird weather everywhere and too many sweet friends gone from their loving families…

Day after tomorrow, I’m only going to write about what GOOD happened this year, if I can find some things!!!

One really has to put one’s mind to waking up with positive thoughts and being aware of all the goodness in one’s life and just make a lively effort to be kind to others and help those you can and pray that this nutty world will right itself soon and give everyone a BREAK!


I’m takin’ mine now.