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My solution to bad weather.

Unfortunately mama doesn’t have one other than finding herself procrastinating over about five different projects that HAVE to be addressed but meanwhile she is running around like a crazed weasel because she drove in the rain all the way to her exercise class and found that the road that gets her there was blocked because of construction and will be until FEBRUARY, whatever that is.

SO..I guess the good intentions paving her road were hijacked by a detour, but guess what?  The detour went to the train station, NOT to the cultural center where Fabrice, the nice exercise guy, teaches the classes.  What did all those other people do?

Mama’s on the phone now trying to find out if anyone made it through the water to the class, haha.

Actually, I see that she’s not doing that at all.  She’s at the stove making penne all’arrabiata for lunch to soothe the savage beast.  The beast in this case being mama, not papa, haha.


You can see what I’M doing.  The only smart one around here, it seems to me…