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I am SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED that I just had to attack my mouse to let off some steam.


(This is the photo I am trying to save to Adobe)

So here’s the question:  does anyone out there try to ‘save as’ photos from emails and have the choice of where to put the photo, as in Pictures, and then you click on ‘Save’ and the picture does NOT, as it always has, save to Adobe, which when Adobe is opened, has a little window that says “New files have been found” and then you click on that and there is the new photo on its own little page and you can put it with your other files?

My “New files have been found” has disappeared when I try to save a photo from emails.

Plus, when attempting to save the photo, I often get a window that says “This file already exists. Do you want to replace it?”  What does THAT mean??? I only just got the photo and have not saved it get and can’t find an existing file and so NO, I do not want to replace it–I want to get it in the first place.

All this is very boring to you, I’m sure.  I’m just a kitty and I need to deal with writing my kitty thoughts WITHOUT the hassle of computer glitches, but I thought I might throw this out to tech-ies and see who salutes. Or teck-ies?

Papa is working on this. In bocca al lupo (good luck).




Papa is really good at this stuff, so I’m going to take my mind off of it and play with my mouse to ease the stress, because stress is a mild word for what is happening in my little kitty brain right now!