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I am turning my back on mama if she’s too busy to help me gather my thoughts.  Later with HER.

Well, we have had some friends visiting and mama skipped ME last night as I was attempting to get her to help me with my blog and she just said, “Loulou, these anthros (well, she said people, whatever they are) have come thousands of miles to be here in our little ville and we don’t have time right now to work on your ephemeral thoughts about the meaning of life and pecking pidgeons.”

As if.

I just wanted to say how nice it is to have friends around who LOVE KITTIES and who ooh and aah over me and PAY ATTENTION even if they do have three doggies who are pretty cute, if you ask me.

But no one did.

So I’m sorry for the skip but now I’m going to jump into tomorrow’s info tomorrow!  I think there’s a fish soup on the stove and I have to go check on it for mama…that and some cold shrimp just lying around in a dish waiting for something.


Er…there WERE some cold shrimp…

Mama had better get her act together TOMORROW, or else!