Posted by on Dec 27, 2017 | 15 comments


Boy, we could lie here all day listening to that sweet voice.

Well, last year mama asked Raena Belle and Dezi if they could persuade their mama to sing a carol on Christmas, and it was such a lovely surprise to hear that amazing voice singing not one, not two, but three excerpts from carols.  What a nice Christmas present for us all.

Thank you so much, Audra, for sharing your incredible talent with us all.  Christmas may be over but those carols made it even more beautiful on the day after…papa just listened today and mama is sending your voice to California and to France and to England and more.

Mama kept saying, “Oh, I wonder if sometimes, maybe in the shower or when the radio is on, that voice belts out a Patsy Cline or Dolly Parton or Tammy Wynette song?”  Audra, you have an amazing talent, and I sat quietly on the couch listening with great pleasure.  GRAZIE.


Hey, if you ever feel like, say, Stand By Your Man, or Crazy or anything…you have a big audience.