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I love wandering around parklike surroundings.  I know I’d have fun at Bomarzo!








Well, this summer, the little anthros who were here for awhile went after visiting us to an agriturismo near Viterbo, Italy, with their nonna and mamma and papa and visited one of mama’s favourite places on earth, the park of monsters, near Bomarzo, the little town nearby.  Created by a patron of the arts, Francesco Orsini, to commemorate his dead wife, the park is full of sculptures and wild creations of the imagination that delight all visitors.

Here is the family sitting in front of one of the amazing sculptures carved in the 16th century out of the stone on Orgini’s property.






Papa has a wonderful photo of mama standing in the mouth of one of the huge monsters, which you can see on the link above.  I’ll try to locate it in my Adobe and attempt to get it to WordPress, lotsa luck!!!


Imagine mama standing in this guy’s boca!

It really is amazing what the man did with the indigenous rock and stone, and mama tells me that there are kitties who live there, too.  As wild as the park, but what a great place to live!

I’m only good for about one or two photos now until I learn how to get my pics into WordPress in a shorter time.  Still searching for The Answer!







This Adobe PSE stuff is EXHAUSTING!!!


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