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That wind tupped me right OVER!!! I’m hanging on to this chair so I won’t blow away!

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s ‘windy city’, but around here the wind blows ALL of us right off the map.  Mama (I suppose I should call mama ‘maman‘ in France, right and maybe in Italy, mamma, so I’ll just skip around with the monikers, whatever they are) was off to the market today and was almost blown into the sea.  Well, not really, she took the inner route to avoid BIG waves, but it made a good story…

The thing about the wind is that it also dries out any moisture we might have had in the night on the roses and such, and so they are healthier for it.  Too much humidity breeds rust and mildew and so the plants profitent from the wind (profit by it–see how easy French is?).

But I cannot go outside because I look too silly just to walk across the garden!  So I’m sitting this one out.


I know you think I’ve put this pic in a gazillion times, but if you look closely, it’s never the same photo–just the same pose, haha. I have always loved my feet up or braced, as when I sleep with maman and brace my paws against her knee.  She says it helps the knee to be healthy, that little warm kitty-touch during the night.  Hey, I can go with that.  But who’s going to keep MY knees warm?

Wait a minute.  Do I HAVE knees?