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That video really shocked me!

Well, Mya’s papa sent mamma a video and we all watched it this morning and mamma thought I really should pass it on.  It is disturbing. But the world is disturbed right now in so many places and that fact must not be overlooked, especially for the little grandanthos who are going to have to rectify many mistakes our present anthro world is making.  Kitties and doggies and other animals don’t screw up like this…

The beautiful music is by Phillip Glass.

I have actually two more videos that I will share with you over two more blogs.  The next one, tomorrow, is also very disturbing, but I feel it is information that everyone in the USA needs to see.  Read it or not, it’s there.  On the third day, there is a lovely video that mama’s niece sent to her about firefighters in California, and it is really inspiring.  So, two, not so uplifting and one, really joyful.


(joy, in case you didn’t recognize my elation)

That’s about all I can do today.  The video on this blog was emotionally disturbing to us all, and I tried to snuggle mama and papa to make them feel that there are SOME warm bodies in this world who are not obsessed with IPhones and the distructive culture that has sprung up in their wake.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are good things, too, about IPhones, but moderation in all things, I always say.

Kitties are still warm, loving bodies, ignorant of the antics of anthros, and we shall be the anchors always that keep the ship of civilization steady on the troubled seas.

(Did I just say that? Arggggg…..).

Better take to the nap spot and get my sanity back with a snooze. On mama’s hand.  She needed that.