Posted by on Aug 29, 2017 | 16 comments

Mama, I am still working on this Photoshop Eements hassle but I do appreciate your thoughtful and kind touch.

But—am still trying to find an app that will convert my Adobe 15 photos to a format that can be copied into the Wordpress without having to upload a gazillion photos to Media Library, which takes a gazillion hours to do.

I think maybe WordPress needs to create a compatible format for photos from any other source, as long as they are jpeg. (Hey, whatever that is, I’m just a kitty.)

But thank you so much to those who have helped look at this problem in new ways, Jan, Marjorie, Siver, Douglas, and Ajay at WordPress itself, who says yes, perhaps WordPress needs a little boost into the many areas of cyberspace that contain apps for this sort of thing.

Still looking, and will find.  We have great belief and trust in Sergei (Google owner), and also Steve (Steve Jobs), hence our mantra “Ask Sergei! Ask Steve!”

I think THEY should be mantra-izing with “ASK LOULOU!”  Little do they know the vast depths of computer knowledge I house in my little pea brain…

Oh, lordy, I think they are coming to actually ASK me what to do…

I’m outta here.