Posted by on Nov 19, 2017 | 13 comments


I’m a bit tired myself…just want to disappear into this comforter…

Well, that just means that mama is so tired that she cannot help me with her usual fixing of typos and inserting of pics, etc. that I seem to rely on lately.  Our time differences (7 hours, 9 hours and even 12 hours for Hawaii!) sometimes make me sleepy when it’s only early morning in other places where friends live.

That said, I do wish to say that we are approaching the MIDDLE of winter when the days begin to get LONGER instead of this grey, cold, shivering time that makes kitties like me only want to snooze off for hours and hours and not do much else.

But today, we heard that Ernie of The Island Cats, has some medical trouble with his tummy, and if you can, do drop by to say coraggio and leave a few supportive words for his family.  Ernie, we know it’s going to get better with all of us clapping our paws!  Hang in there and rest and know that your mama is doing all she can for you.

I think I’ll turn in and think a little about how to send good vibes to Ernie.  I know they’ll get there…