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Well, that is the question around this house right now.  A yellow Nip Nana arrived a few days ago and I sort of toy around with it, very sporadically, whatever that means, and of course I have my rather imposing Nip Cigar, which I also toss around from time to time, but I do NOT hang out with these guys for hours on end.

Unlike what I do with mama and papa.  Maybe it is THEY who make me look wee-wah, haha.

SO–the question to you, dear amis, is this:  Is it the nip that makes me look (to papa and sometimes mama) sort of off in another world, eyes half-open or perhaps staring at who knows what, or is that just one’s mood that comes over one, and one simply has to space out for a few hours looking stoned?

You see, mama and papa debate this, and mama is really trying to be objective about me (not easy) and I, for one, KNOW that she reads a lot about how to maintain my precious health, but she was also a 60s-70s child (flowers in hair, tie-dyed tees, you get the picture) and does not feel that nippy things, in moderation, really harm one’s being.

Mama says, Maybe, Loulou, you are just in a sort of winter/slowing down/glassy-eyed mood today (and it usually passes) but papa says, Maybe, Loulou, you need to lay off the nip for a couple of days for observation and evaluation.

Mama is fine with that and has…er…gently confiscated my nippy things and put them somewhere out of my sight in hopes they will be out of my mind, haha.  Bonne chance!



So we’ll see.  To nip or not to nip will be resolved one way or another and perhaps my FRIENDS out there can HELP settle this dispute, heh, heh.

Mama DID once make a home-grown nip mouse for her friend’s kitty, Lena, and her friend said that she had to practically chain Lena up so she would not tear apart the drawer where mama’s friend had hidden the mousey.

SO I guess you could say mama is sort of a pusher, whatever that is.


OH, NO, Is she going to jail???

(Just don’t take my Nanna or Cigar, okay?)