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You say you KNOW why this happens?  Tell MAMA!

Well, inspired by a comment from a man who actually is selling books on how kitties talk and what their myows mean or in his words, what their myaws mean, not meows, I am putting out feelers to all of you who have attempted to decipher, translate and understand your kitties voice patterns and any help you can give is WELCOME.  I, for one, purr most of the day.  Now I am told that that can be happiness, contentment, or simply a way to assuage my fears of something or to comfort myself, sort of like self-healing.  But I think I purr because I am so cuddled and loved and…YES, YOU ANTHROS, INTERRUPTED…when I am trying to get my beauty rest.


BUT, I know there are many of you out there who know far more than mama (sorry, mama, but facts are facts; I don’t care how many different kitties you have had in your lifetime) and frankly, I am asking, for HER sake, for your input and knowledge and insights into my language.  Any kitty’s lingo for that matter.

So do let me know what I mean when I myow at precisely the moment I finish my breakfast (THEY are still at table), stand at the bottom of our stairs, and look in their direction, myowing steadily and looking up the stairs.

  1. Take me upstairs, I can’t well with my left paw any longer.
  2. I want to play the String Game ( but normally, I only play before breakfast and before dinner when the hunting instinct kicks in).
  3. I want ATTENTION.
  4. I want papa’s office door opened so I can take up his chair all morning and snooze there until he moves me to another place.
  5. I want mama’s atelier door opened so that I can beat her up about GOING TO WORK AND PAINTING—NOW!!!
  6. I want all the doors open so that I can wander around before flopping down on the bed in a sun puddle and sleeping for a gazillion hours until food.
  7. None of the above.

If any of you out there can shed light on these questions, thank you.  Mama is offering her private recipe for ANY dish you might wish to have as she has a gazillion recipes for just about everything that she has compiled over many years of playing the pots and pans.


Me, looking for answers anywhere I can find them.


(By the way, I lost a day this week because WordPress went out and I wasn’t sure my blog had been saved, but WordPress SAVED it! No harm done, but a day missed…I hate when that happens.)