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You put WHAT in the stuffing cornbread?

Well, that’s that.  Thanksgiving is actually a favourite of mama’s, even more than Christmas or any other holiday except Valentine’s, which she LOVES.

Appropriate.  (Hint: married on Feb 14)

But this Thanksgiving, we had no turkey-takers because the little anthro-kids here in Italy are in school and their parents work all day and into the evening, so mama and papa and I shared the tiniest chicken you’ve ever seen!  Here’s the really funny thing (cooks will appreciate this, mama says): mama made some cornbread a few weeks ago and had some leftovers so froze them for stuffing.  Out it came yesterday and got mixed with sage, onions, celery, garlic, crushed almonds, chicken broth and a couple of eggs stirred in with melted butter just before stuffing that pathetic little bird.

Guess what?  That cornbread was made for a friend coming to talk about blogging and mama made it sort of sweet, like a corn cake, to go with coffee, and boy, howdy, if you have never had that kind of corn bread stuffing, you haven’t lived.  “Sort of,” mama says.


Hey, looks normal, no?

When she tasted the first bite, she almost fell off her chair!  “Hey, always something new from mistakes, right, Loulou,” mama asked and of course I had to agree.  But sweet stuffing? Holy tamale, mama and papa both couldn’t stop laughing.

I think she put a little more salt in it and some chicken broth before baking the extra in a casserole, whatever that is.

I wish I’d had a photo of papa’s face when he had his first forkful!

Next year, mama says, she’ll stick with her good old-fashioned cornbread recipe with real corn in it and to heck with innovation!!!

I actually sort of liked it with a little butter on the bite I had before the stuffing was made.  Imagining it inside a turkey or chicken was beyond me but the chicky didn’t seem to mind, haha.


BUT I MIND. No more stuffing for me, okay!  I can wait another year…