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I’m a little off color, too…like those doggies that like summer fruit: a melon-collie, haha.

Oh, boy, mama is looking (well, from a photo she sent me) a little blue.  Funny how that happens to her at the end of July, just on the edge of August when the summer is headed toward falling leaves and cooler nights and the smell of barbeque in the air is not as often as in July…(especially the barbeque thing, if you want my opinion!).

Summer seems too short, mama says, and has whistled by, whatever that mean, because how can a season whistle, I ask you?

Still, there is a really nice visit from the little anthros to come and I’ll have to be on my good behavior and tolerate their snuggles and petting and hope to heck they don’t find me in my “secret place under the geranium pot” (Mistress Masham’s Repose, a great kids’ book), which, of course is NOT my hiding place at all, it being a bit tight under there, but I do have a few picked out where I can have a little peace and quiet!

Hah! They will NEVER look here.








But I’m going to make an effort to have August be really good month, becaue I, too, am a little misty about having the summer go so fast…romping in the garen, little bits of grilled things to nibble, sun puddles, geckos darting over the walls to eat insects when the outside light is turned on, cool things like that. Oh, and lizards.

I think I’ll start with a good think about how to make the end of summer sizzle a bit longer…like right now, I see a small reptile who needs serious disciplinary action!

MAMA, OPEN THIS DOOR! Er…Sue, please open the door. Thank you.