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Ha,ha. Get it?  Sky and pie? Pie in sky? Lemons in sky, then pie?  Oh, well, let’s move on…

Well, around here, those lemons are being turned into juice, pie, curd, you name it, and two commenters mentioned lemon meringue pie.  Mama’s pie has no egg white topping (which can be added to the basic tarte when baking), but it is made with the easiest dough possible.  I think, actually, all of this was in another blog!  So if you are leaning toward lemons, you’ll find all the info there.

The wonderful thing is that having lemon curd in the fridge is a great solution for quick desserts.  Lemon curd on toast is one of the most decadent things you can eat, haha.  I’m not a lemon fan, but I love to smell the lemons when mama takes off the zest for limoncello or curd or for a slice in a little glass of vodka every now and again, whenever that is.

Yes, we are rolling in lemons, haha!

Maybe we could use them for petanque balls, or juggling, or baseball (short-lived, THAT lemon) or maybe just to chase around the house.

Wish we could share.  Now THAT would be the best use ever.


Meanwhile, it’s time to rest the toosies.  Whatever they are.


Am putting in a link to an interview with Jeremy Cherfas who hosts Eat This Podcast about lemons and the plague in olden days. SO interesting.

Eat those lemons!  Get ade with ade!