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HEY, DON’T YOU TOUCH MY IVORIES!!!  I can do a lot with two teeth!

Hey, THEY talk about having my teeth cleaned but I’m not big on whatever they do to put you OUT during the ordeal, plus I don’t have many teeth and I’m afraid they might steal some of my remaining chompers.

BUT, mama and papa are off today to get THEIR teeth done.  I think just to check that they are still THERE, haha.  Sorry, mama, that just slipped out.  I know you have teeth because I see white things when you smile at me.  Personally, I think they go for the train ride.  Such KIDS!

SO I’m taking a long sunny snooze and hoping they don’t come back too soon and disrupt my lovely warm nap.  It is really beautiful here today, 17 degrees, which is about 60 or so but NOT zero!

Maybe I’ll figure out how to open the kibble bag that sits temptingly on the counter….hmm.  Lots of trouble to get into, and I can’t WAIT!  A nice scratch and stretch on the chairs should start things off, heh, heh.




So much for trouble.