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(Sorry I missed my blog yesterday but papa has a little sniffle and I was stirring honey into his tea and giving him ear rubs)


You say our friend Phoebe has a new addition to her house?  And that she’s not at all settled in with that idea?  Well, I’ll see what I can do and write her a little note, telling her how nice it must be have a friend to play with (chase? steal food from? bat around? bathe?) and that I would gladly take in Tea (pronounced Teah) if she were only closer to us.  Her mama, of course, would not give her up, having rescued her so recently.

Uh…wait a minute. Don’t take me literally on that one, okay?  I’ve had NO experience with sudden sisters and am still trying to come to terms with MYA!  But Tea is definitely a beautiful kitty.


I’m not sure you remember Phoebe, rescued after the earthquake in Italy a year and a half ago.


You can see why Phoebe just might be a bit…er…sceptical about having a visitor (permanent).

But a very knowledgeable blogger offered the suggestion of Feliway and time.  Time appears to heal all woes and things do seem to be progressing.

We think….

More on this saga later.


Here’s what those two kitties need to get along…TLC all day long.