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HEY, MAMA!  Do we have lots of sacks of kibble?

Well, mama and papa were out taking a very early walk the other morning and as they approached one of our three beaches, they saw in the distance some very tall…well…things.  And as they got closer the things turned out to be wonderfully constructed balanced-rock formations that someone left on the beach very early that morning or perhaps in the middle of the night.










Mama thinks they are magical and she’s going back to ask a few questions about who might have done them.  It takes great concentration and skill to balance that many different rocks one after the other on the base rock.  And where did the artist find the giant base rocks he or she used?  In the sea?  So many puzzling questions.  I wish I had been there, and as you know, we kitties step very, very carefully around things like this, so I wouldn’t have knocked them over, okay?

I just hope they stay there until tomorrow when mama wants more info.  If anyone out there knows about these magical sculptures, please pass on the information.

I think I’ll try to do one of my own with different kibbles…