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Our president said WHAT?

Mama says this may be dating her, but she remembers, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”


Words do matter, especially when speaking of other countries less fortunate than our very rich USA.  What if someone called your little town the word beginning with ‘s’ that T used about poor countries?  Outrageous.

Okay, basta with politics, but really, are there no manners, no ethics, no kindness, no concern for others left in the political world?  Mama says it’s disgusting, and a few more adjectives, but you don’t want to get her started on what’s going on in our country. Besides, the people who should be listening, aren’t.

Another phrase from the past applies to two senators who deny what was said by T:  “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”


Did that senator have his fingers crossed behind his back?

Okay, basta again, but it’s very difficult to accept what is going on when one has been raised, as this kitty has, to be ethical, tell the truth, and always be conscious of those who are less fortunate than others.  I know that a lot of you were raised like that, too.  Doesn’t any of this behaviour in government disturb you?  There is no one for young people to look up to and believe in.  There is no value system that will sustain them as they become adults.  This is what bothers mama most.  There are too many articles on young people seeing the world as a bleak and unpromising place, a place with no future they can trust in.  I really have to quit this rant.  It is too painful.


I will segue, whatever that means, to kitty life (specifically mine) and how I can’t figure out why I want to sleep all day long!  A regular slug-a-bed, I.

OOPS, SUN IS COMING OUT! Miracolo, that’s for sure.  Maybe this means I can actually go out into the garden without coming in with a frozen tail!

And little birdies are pecking away at the greaseballs (as I call them, haha) that mama puts out in winter, so I’ll have a good TV show to watch, too.

Hasta la vista…and hello, little birdies.  You wanna play?