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Hey, what’s that smell?  And who are those GUYS walking around with blue gloves on?  Well, blue brushes anyway–the gloves are to protect their hands from the deep blue-of-the-sea that mama and papa chose to repaint our shutters and windows.

They were a bit long in the tooth, whatever that means.  Peeling, cracking, suffering from sun, wind and rain, but now they are the most beautiful deep ocean blue.










Actually, it’s bluer than this, I can vouch for that, because I brushed against it BY ACCIDENT with my tail and mama is cleaning me up in a minute.

But oh, boy, are we spiffy.  And slightly wee-waw from the fumes.  I have to say that the fumes are very, very slight because these painters said that the original painters used cheap paint and this time he used good paint.  It’s almost dry–heh, heh, but before it dries, maybe I could get a little spiffy touch on each ear….








Think I’ll start with the right paw…