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Well, that’s just about what I did when mamma woke me up ONE HOUR TOO EARLY a couple of days ago!!! Scared the daylights out of me, haha. Get it, daylights, Daylight Savings?  Awww, forget it.  Terrible joke.

But seriously, folks, I need my beauty sleep and waking me up at that undogly hour was the last time I’m sleeping where you can FIND me at the end of October.

I think the syntax could use some polishing in that one, but what the heck.

Who thought up this thing about changing time anyway?  Someone told me it is for the little schoolkids who won’t have to stand in the dark in the morning waiting for a bus, but then what do they do in the afternoon.  Wait for the bus in the dark at FOUR?  Very confusing, the antics of anthros.

So, mamma, back to sleep for me, thank you very much.  I’ll settle with you later…when YOU’RE asleep…


I know you’ve seen this before but if this doesn’t say “Out like a light”, I don’t know what does!