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Well, if I lose readers today, so be it.  Mama’s world is that of civility,  care for one’s fellow anthro, and conscience. Above all, ethics and conscience.  Where on earth did our country go wrong?  Education?  Parenting? An awareness of the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Remember that?  Instead, we appear to at least half of ourselves in America and certainly to most of the civilized world to be a country on the brink of too many things to count.  We are susceptible as a country because we are led by a weak and dangerous leader, a megalomaniac child who has absolutely no idea of how to govern.  In fact, does not even read the bulletins given him in the morning about what is happening in his government and the world around him.  This article by David Brooks, one of the nations top journalists, says it all.  Pass it on.

Mama says that I must not be concerned about losing readers.  My blog is the only real way I can reach out and touch others who are not my immediate family, friends, or neighbors, and so I am publishing this in hope that someone, anyone, will see what is happening and that it is going to change, I pray, when ethical and intelligent anthros like former FBI director, Robert Mueller, is appointed as special prosecutor to examine just what went on between Trump, Comey, and the Russians.  And still does, I’m sure.

I care about my country. I love my country.  I care above all about education and ethics.  I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the worth and extreme value of immigrants’ contribution to society (as are we are all immigrants, remember, even me, even TRUMP), and I believe that the world has become a very small community and the leader of one of the members of this community, the United States of America (note the word UNITED), had better well be well-informed informed, educated, ethical, compassionate, strong, open-minded, and a decent human being, none of which applies to our president.  How on EARTH did we mess up so badly? Every country on this planet is now wondering just what on earth will happen if this madman is allowed to continue to attempt to govern.

Of course you don’t have to read this article.  Many of you live in free countries and can read what you like.  But the president advocates the removal of many of those freedoms simply because it does not suit him. In trouble: The National Endowment for the Arts, Planned Parenthood, access to medical help for all Americans, women’s rights, minorities’ rights, education, the poor, the homeless, the jobless, those on welfare, and so many more.  There is more on the list.  I will find the list. And you can bet your boots I will publish it.


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Great sorrow for the family of Lady Bug, who unexpectedly died this week. Visits would be nice.