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Well, I’m about to do my triple axel here, or maybe it’s a camel, can’t remember.


I think this is a Lutz, but not entirely sure…

Well, mama and papa just saw a movie called I, Tonya, about that incredible skater whose boyfriend and HIS friend plotted to damage Tonya’s competitor for the Olympic skating team.  Tonya supposedly knew nothing about it, but they all were fined and the two guys were sent to prison but the worst was that the judge ordered that Tonya could never skate again in competitions and it just about ruined her life.  Hey, breaking someone’s KNEECAP ruins a life, too, no?

What I want to know is where did they find that incredible actress who could also SKATE like crazy?  Maybe it was done with computers but I don’t think so.

Anyway, I watched, and the movie was very well made, but I am pretty sure that tonight mama and papa are going for Wonder Woman or Blade Runner or Downsizing, haha.  Mama and papa’s little grandson told them yesterday that he was going to see Downsizing so maybe they’ll see it in solidarity, whatever that is.  When they called him to say hello (he’s in Italy and only 12 but…), this unknown young man picked up the phone and in a voice that was in his toes said, “Ah, ciao, granpap e Sussu!”  WHERE did that VOICE COME FROM?

And then his mama got on the phone and she and mama said, “Oh, it’s so sad–he is becoming a young man, where did childhood go?” And I think mama and papa wished they could have been around more often to see these kids get bigger, but everyone was spread out over two countries.  Still…

Those grown up little anthros are so nice to me now.  NO tail-puling, no following me under the bed to torment me, and now they are so good at snuggles and cuddles.

Growing up can’t be all bad.


Me–a scared little baby kitty.


Me, again–full-grown with cattitude.


Just a mention again of a product I wish I had, but we don’t have the proper windows in which to install it.  Still, others do and it’s such a perfect solution for indoor kitties.

Cat Solarium, a little outdoor space for house-bound.  Brilliant design by James Cramer.

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