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Well, I don’t know about you but something happens in the autumn or at least when the hint of autumn is in the smells and feelings of the wind–I get a little blue.  I am also as you see above, a bit lethargic, whatever that is.  A bump on a log, a couch purrtato…oops, there I went, really bad pun.

Not LITERALLY blue (although with these painters here I could have been the Kitty of Another Color very easily!) but a little…well…wistful, whatever that is.

A little thoughtful, reflective, melancholy, slower to wake up in the morning, more easily off to beddy bye between mama’s knees, things like that.

But then–BAMMO–the sun actually make itself known again and the temperatures soar 10 degrees and I think, AHA!  Summer is still hanging around and just might give me a few more days to roll in the compost and nip and chase lizards and bask, whatever that is.  I love basking.

You might call me a ‘basking case’…haha.