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Now what was it I wanted to say?

Well, I was thinking the other day that if kitties wrote novels, it would be called Kit Lit, just as Chick Lit refers to books by women and pretty much of the time about women, but why on earth, then, don’t they call other novels, DUDE Lit, or, because the term Chick Lit is somewhat pejorative and no doubt was thought up by a man, NIT WIT LIT.

Mama has never liked categorizing a writer’s hard-won endeavor and certainly Chick Lit is the name of a category for sure.

I think that anyone who takes the time to write anything down nowadays–in a blog, in a poem, on a grocery list, for heaven’s sake, should be regarded with esteem and encouraged along the way.  Mama has always told me to keep a journal, but isn’t this what this IS, mama?

It’s a (cursory, that’s for sure) daily diary of my kitty antics and I try to be fairly just in my outlandish opinions of things. I think that’s called an oxymoron, with emphasis on the last two syllables, haha.  And mama, you would be surprised what I don’t write, haha.

But seriously, folks, it may be that writing is taking a beating with Twittering on its tail and coded messages on IPhones and Tweeting and in general, the dumbing down of journalism in some publications, and if YOU have a thought that you think is unusual or that someone you know might wish to hear or only if you want to have it like little keepsake for yourself to think about privately or maybe to use as a springboard for writing even more little thoughts, jot it down and don’t lose it.

How about calling it…hmm…Bit Lit?

Speaking of groceries, when mama asks papa if he has the shopping list, he says that he wrote everything down on a mental piece of paper, but at the store he says, “Darn, I lost the paper!”


Haha, that’s funny, papa.