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Oh, boy, it looks like there are going to be a lot of people here on Sunday and I had better pick a GOOD spot in which to disappear.  Those little antros who were here the other night actually got UNDER the bed where I have my little resting place and they snuggled me and talked to me, trying to get me to go downstairs with them and PLAY and I just kept purring and giving them them the No way, Jose look that I can give so well and finally they left when mama came up and told them that as long as they were under her bed, they might as well dust and vacuum for her to get out all the moutons.

Which is what dust bunnies are called in French.

I’m not sure that rabbit about to show up on Easter Sunday would be happy with that.  Dust bunny, indeed!

But if there are going to be twenty anthros having a gay old time here and wondering where I am and why I don’t mingle, whatever that is, I think it’s time to plan a strategy.  NOW.

Maybe there’s an empty suitcase left around somewhere…I can just zip myself in that.


How do you close this thing anyway?

AHH…I have it!  Mama’s storage area where she just put a bunch of winter clothes.  Most are dark so they won’t even know I’m there.  Oh, sure, it’s not going to be easy to get my lovely silky hairs off of the dark clothes, but hey, if you give a party without thought to ME, a little what-for is needed back, right?

I’m outta here…