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As you can plainly see,  I have a pretty good time here, despite the pouring rain (today), no garden (all the time), and the goings in and out of THEM. There seems to be more to do here, for some reason, than at that other place, but mainly because everything is so close there that you don’t have to walk far for, say, kibble supplies, or even fascinating toys for yours truly.

But here, it takes more time, and mama says that the cobblestones, which are broken and coming out of the streets on her shopping paths, are pretty challenging to walk on and so things take more time here than where she can zipadeedoodah down the street and be back in minutes.

But, of course, they do come back.  And there was a Filmfest here in Rome to which they managed to go pretty regularly.  Here are the films that might come up over the next months that are worth a peek, mama says:

The Party – a newly elected minister in the Bristish government finds her life suddenly turned upside down at a party she gives

Freak Show – a young man’s differences plague him at a new high school and he sets out to change that

Last Flag Flying – three Viet Nam vets get together to heal old wounds

Trouble No More –  film about Bob Dylan’s discovery of religion

SO–mama told me just enough to whet your appetite, whatever that means.  My appitite needs NO whetting, I’m pretty sure, and as I write, I realize that it’s TIME FOR DINNER!!



I’m outta here…