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Well, today, I am devoting my blog to kitties I never knew, but mama certainly did and they were wonderful, lovely kitties, so here they are, no long with us but very much with us.

(Just not too much, okay?)







Louie and Hooker (one from a garage sale pawing at the window inside a car–mama got him on the spot) and Hooker, found wandering in the gutter, later to be taken away by a coyote…sigh.










Fiat—found at the Fiat agency in Santa Barbara, a tiny little orange thing that grew into a humongous golden monarch!







Fiat again–in his favourite planter box, sunning.







Stella–meowing at mama’s back door one night as mama’s worked on drawings of a little black kitty for illustrations for Millions of Cats, a project she was doing for an art class!!! The same kitty she was drawing was asking to be let in!  Stella was a kick and gave mama and papa a lot of laughs, and stress, until she was…er…fixed…







Uh, oh, this one gives me paws…er…pause. This is Sushi, a gift from a friend who could not keep her.  Adorable, right? And obviously, a little experience for mama’s and papa’s future with ME.  I am sure she was a distant cousin, no doubt about it–cute, smart, adorable, cuddly, snuggly, hey, has to be a cousin.










Nicole, papa’s daughter, with Luna, found on a night of the full moon, on Mulholland Drive, and mama said to her, “Look, if you jump in my truck, then I’ll take you home.”  And she did.  And mama put up signs to let people on the Drive know that she had found a little kitty, and papa went up to Mulholland and took down all the signs behind mama’s back!  Well, she was up there and no near neighbors had any idea who she was and mama was convinced that she had been “dropped” on Mulholland.

Luna was wonderful…Here is a drawing of her, after this:


Well, these are not all the kitties we have had, er, THEY have had, but at least we can remember them with great love and be glad they found mama and papa when they did.