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“The Naked Maja Revisited” with apologies to Goya…

Well, as you might surmise, I actually AM for crastination, if necessary.  For example, I put things off all the time by taking a nap.  Some anthros do that, too, but mamma isn’t very good at napping except at nap time, and so HER crastination seems lately to last all day long.  Remember when there was an art expo back in that other country last May, and mama and her friend, Mya’s maman, put their paintings in a really nice gallery in Port-Vendres and had a bang-up vernissage with lots of good eats and lots of visitors and it was more than fun, it was life-changing.

Well, okay, it’s true that mamma’s life was changed, but what it did was create a BIG EMPTY SPACE in her artistic endeavors.  She keeps saying her muse has taken a vacation, whatever that is.  The muse, that is, not the vacation. I KNOW what a vacation is because I am always on one, haha.


(Looks like a kabuki robe to me, whatever that is…)

But just today, mamma discovered that she could tape down some soft cardboard paper to protect our floors and then maybe put a canvas on top of that and maybe, just maybe, open a tube of paint!  Wow. What a dynamic idea!  Mamma, you get with it, you hear?  I’ll pose for you, no problem.  Just like that yogi you had as a model in college, I can stay in a great pose for hours and hours.  But subject matter will have to be ‘sleeping kitty’, okay?

Or how about a little Eddy Munch rip-off?


No, huh?  Okay, but I am NOT taking off my clothes!!!