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Hey, now THIS is a funny:  mama’s sister-in-law once had a Tuxie kitty in Berlin where they were living and they eventually took the kitty back to Monterey, California.

Meanwhile, before this, the kitty was picked up by the German police who put him in a padded cell and called Barbara to come pick him up.  They all laughed about how it was rare to get a call from the police to come pick up a jailed Tuxie!  With what that kitty was wearing the police probably thought he’d stayed too long at the party, haha, and needed to sober up!








Hey, sometimes I think there are some ANTHROS who could use a padded cell, haha.  Like the ones who GO AWAY to family birthday parties and leave me to pine away…haha, just kidding, I wouldn’t know how I’d find the tine to pine (whatever that is) with this Kitty Whisperer giving me everything I ask for and more.  I snap my paw and she comes running with 🍕🥓🌭🍔🍨🍗.


Oh, well, they’ll be home soon and I’m not about to wander around forlornly, possibly appearing to be a kitty that could possibly be picked up by possibe 👮 police and thrown in jail!  Padded or not.

I’ll bide my time in the best way I know…a nice warm bath.