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Be proud to speak out against prejudice.

At the risk of losing readers, and because I am from Houston, (and have  many friends and family there), under water and a serious tragedy, which the president used for his own self-aggrandisement, I wish to say that this anthro who calls himself a leader has no place in our United States of America.  Has no place anywhere except among the most hateful of racists and white supremacists. His bigoted, ignorant, crass, crude, undisciplined, narcissistic, maniacal, megalomaniacal, chauvinistic take on the world that we live in is dangerous beyond our imaginings.

But bravi for the brave men and women who helped to safely thousands of inhabitants in Houston and other areas hit by the hurricane.

I said no politics in this blog.  But if we do not speak out on occasion, we might be worse than those committing the crimes we rail against.

I do not know, cannot imagine, HOW this incredibly dangerous anthro is still maintaining the sham of President of the United States of America.  United is not a word in his language.  I do not understand why he has not been removed before now, but evidently there are others like him ruining our country who labor to keep him in an ovall office that used to be respectable and esteemed.  No longer.

During Obama’s presidency, there were programs underway to repair the very ancient and decrepit road systems in Texas and other parts of the USA, taking into account environmental knowledge of what would function and what might suffer collapse or  damage again, all of which were shot down by Congress.  The roads, unrepaired for years, that collapsed or were flooded in Houston did not allow ambulances to reach hospitals and will cost in the billions to replace and caused unnecessary suffering for many.

Does kharma exist?

One day, we shall see.