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I’m taking it easy today.  That party was exhausting, even if I did only make a guest appearance and then snooze under the bed where there was PEACE AND QUIET, thank you.


Well, mama copied this from an email and got all the extra stuff from Pinterest, I think, but the subject it THERE–Ellie, the poodle, in her Easter suit.

I wish mama had found one of those masks for me so I didn’t have to put on the whole shebang.  It was HOT in that outfit.  But Ellie pulls off some pretty weird and wonderful wardrobe tricks!

Today we are all resting.  That was some bash yesterday and such nice anthros and good friends, all of them, even if I only said hello and disappeared when that Mya starting…er…sniffing around.  She would be such a good playmate, I just know it, if we only had more time to get to know one another, and she has promised to teach me her ‘how to get food and treats’ tricks.  Hey, that’s grounds for friendship right there!

Kick back today and take a picnic somewhere.  It’s a holiday here in Europe, called in Italy, la pasquetta, the little Easter, and everyone goes out to eat or takes a picnic somewhere nice.  Mama said to papa, “Today everyone goes out and runs around and has picnic lunches,” and papa replied, “Oh, goody, let’s stay home!”  And they both grinned, whatever that is.

Say goodbye to little Nellie if you have the time.


So sad to say goodbye to such a lovely friend.  Bon route, Nellie.