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I’ve been perusing my Kim Jong Kitty book of nutty felines and realize that we have a looney on our hands right now in North Korea.

So here is what I came to in my semi-demi-snoozing-spaced out survey of how the world might work a whole lot better:

The key is Dennis Rodman.

Yes, anthros out there, everyone KNOWS that Dennis Rodman is a fantastic player, albeit a bit crazy at times (!) but he SAYS he just likes karaoke, horseback riding, skiing, hanging with friends and guess who one of his good friends IS.  You got it–Old Kim Jong Un himself, threatening to blow us all sky high so that the “world will look up to me”…little does he imagine that a world in small fragments in the universe will definitely NOT be looking up to anyone, okay?

So here’s my plan.  Move the Chicago Bulls to CALIFORNIA!!! Hey, deed done.  And make sure he stays in Newport Beach where he now has a home.  He might just be the key to unlocking the strange mind of North Korea’s dangerous leader and turning it toward helping NK’s people, not threatening to bomb the countries that have put sanctions on his.

So what do you think?  Rodman is a wild card, that’s for sure, but perhaps he can get himself under control long enough to get old Kim to listen to reason.

I say, find an anthro’s desires and play to those.  Or threaten to withdraw your stoking of those fires and he’ll straighten up pretty quick!



But in my case–mama takes that brush away and she’s TOAST!


Since I don’t do social media I thought this might help, but this is Caren’s kitty standing in for my tiger. Help free Tony the Bengal Tiger from a Gas Station where he has been in a cage for 10 years.  I’m crying…must sign off…