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Jean gave us WHAT?  More potatoes? WOW! Potato salad here we come–2 pounds boiled new potatoes until tender, then mashed coarse with chopped sweet onion, cilantro, small bit of grilled red peppers (peeled–no burps, haha) diced fine, lemon juice, mayo, moutarde a l’ancienne (the one with speckles in it), little cornichons (if you like those little pickles) chopped fine, celery hearts, chopped fine, hardboiled eggs (1 or two), chopped fine, a teaspoon or two of good wine vinegar, salt and pepper and voila’.

Mama is a pommes de terre nut, always has been and having a neighbour who digs up hundreds of lovely little new potatoes twice a year is paradise.


Tonight she is boiling them until tender, then splitting them and grilling them on our barbeque just until they take on color and have a nice smoky taste.

Do you remember that choosing game, mama asked me, where you make a fist our of both hands and then count “One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four; five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes more” and then on the “more” some little anthro is out of the game and puts his fist behind his back.  Or maybe he or she is IN the game still, mama can’t remember.  Google here we come…

Of course I don’t remember THAT! Whaddya nuts?  We kitties don’t do such silly things and besides, it’s really hard to make a fist.


See what I mean?  But all of this started with a plethora (whatever that is) of potatoes.  Wish we could spread them around but they don’t travel too well…

The other recipe mama loves is Smashed Potatoes–cook little new potatoes until tender, then smash them with a mallet (not too hard now) and spoon olive oil, butter, garlic and fresh rosemary, chopped fine over each. Sprinkle with paprika and bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes. NUM!