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Wait a minute! 80 anthros? NO WAY, JOSE!

Well, mama’s stepdaughter has managed to gather around 80 friends (!) for her Big Bash and hey, I was invited but I’m not so good in crowds…

Still, I know mama will send the details, that is, if she can struggle out of bed the next morning.  The party begins at FOUR and goes on, as I mentioned, until the next morning, but by then, mama and papa will have toasted the birthday girl and be snoozing, like me.







I’ll get mama to take some pics.

But meanwhile, I’m looking into an article about how NOT to let robots take over anthros’ jobs and air bnb seems to have some pretty amazing ideas about how to make extra money and stay very human in the workplace.

Papa gave mama the article and she said, “Oh, boy, now we can give tours of our little town and I can cook for visitors and maybe have art tours or art lessons or maybe visit gardens…”, which point papa started tearing his hair, yelling, “OH, NO, what have I wrought?”and I think the subject may have been dropped, especialliy by mama, haha.

I’m off to snooze and enjoy my very few next days of REST and GRATITUDE to mama from having to take visiting kitties around the neighborhood to visit anchovy factories!!!