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My Reply paw, going at it!

Well, I am glad to say that all of you out there helped with the mystery of whether my Reply box, when used, ever gets to the anthro or doggy or kitty who used the Comments Box!  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.  Hmmmm.

Well, I reply to all comments (except that pingback thing, whatever that is) and enjoy doing that and if you don’t feel like going back and seeing the reply, don’t feel alone!  Lots of readers of blogs don’t go back to the blog and look for a reply to their comment, but I am puzzled, for example, that I get a notice on my email that my comment on a Dezisworld blog was liked and there is a box to click on to go to the comments page and find the reply.  I like that, but I’m not up there with so many of you who read a 100 blogs a day and comment (or not), so it’s pretty easy for me right now to reply to all comments.

But I have to admit, I don’t go back and look at my comments’ reply, should there be one, on any one blog, but I always leave a comment if it is warranted and I enjoy that a lot.  So it is nice to get a heads up from Dezi when a comment is liked.


WOW–did Mya say THAT?

Whew–that said, let’s down to brass tacks, whatever they are, about this really nice communication system that we all have through blogging.

And here, too, I’d like to thank Anne Adamus at Zoolatry for a sweet little card she turned out for my holiday hello to all of you out there.  I will post it around the proper time, but if anyone out there is wondering how to get a nice card made in a hurry, I recommend Anne’s talent!

Today mama took some nice little photos for me of what Rome means to us, and tomorrow I’ll post them so you can see what sweet corners exist in this amazing city.

Right now, however, IT’S DINNER TIME!


There had better be more than THAT, mama.  Unless that cup is filled with kibble!