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Hey, I see the moon, the moon sees me and the moon certainly sees lots of people I’d like to see!  Enjoy the lullaby.








(Moon coming up over the chateau St. Elme, Collioure)

Well, it’s  here again and it’s a doozy.  Just wanted to share these sweet moon-pics again, as Mr. M moves toward full.

Yet again, mama says.  Mama says it was JUST full a few minutes ago!!!

No, mama, tempus fugit, whatever that means, but I think it means that we turn around and wonder just where the last month went and how that old ball up there is suddenly big and round when it was just a sliver a few minutes ago.























Well, there is was, folks. Moonrise Finale!

And this is just a sweet little photo sent by my sister-in-law’s partner so I am including it to bring a smile to you.


Did this kitty just go to sleep in the catnip?  Hey, I totally understand.  And mama just planted some more for me so I suppose this could look close to home pretty soon.  But asleep in a POT? Whoa…


Just got a leg up on my future pic.  Hit the nip for a brief survey of how it’s doing in its new bed…

I know how I’M doing in mine, that’s for sure!